Three tips to the perfect living room rug

November 04, 2019


Finding a rug can be easier than you think. Take these three simple considerations into account to help find the perfect rug for your space.


1 — Who will be enjoying your rug? 

Do you have little feet running around? Pets and paws? Or perhaps you have to contend with sand living by the coast? Selecting a weave which suits your lifestyle is the first place to start. 


2 — What colours do you already have in your room?

Next look at what other colours you have in your room. Do you want your rug to lighten the room? Or a darker shade to add weight and depth? Alternatively you may prefer a pop of colour to make a statement. 


3 — Go for a larger size than you think

With sizing our rule of thumb is to go larger then you think. We find most people purchase a rug too small meaning it gets lost in a room, causing the rest of your furniture to feel as if it is floating in space with little room left to enjoy the beautiful natural fibres and textures under foot. 


Living Room Size Guide

The correct size rug in your space has the ability to truly transform any interior setting.  Below we have a simple guide on how to navigate finding the right size rug for your living room. 



For the 'standard' living room...

Our 2 x 3m is for small to 'standard' living spaces. By this we mean a standard 3 seater sofa can run alongside the 3 metre length of the rug. We recommend sitting the rug half way under your sofa and chairs, allowing the front legs of the furniture to sit on the rug.




Most favoured size for standard to larger living spaces?

We find our 3 x 4m is the strongest size to frame your living area and ground living room furniture. This size gives you flexibility for your furniture to either sit on top of the rug or half on, half off. Leaving you plenty of room to rest, connect and play with loved ones.




If you need any help with finding the right size rug for your space send us an email at If you are Auckland based we offer free in-home consultations where we will do all the measuring for you. If anywhere else in Auckland you can share with us photos of your space, or if building, plans. See more about our complimentary in-home consultations here.