At Home With Beck Wadworth, Brand & Creative Director of Makespace

Previously the Founder of An Organised Life, Beck Wadworth has recently embarked on a new chapter that lends her eye (and hand) to Makespace — a business she shares with her fiancé Isaac, of architecturally designed modular houses delivered all around Aotearoa. As a longtime friend of Nodi, we appreciate Beck's capacity to hold projects that are functional, considered, and absolutely calming. A minimalist by nature, her own home is no exception. Neutral tones are layered and amplified by soft, natural textures, creating a space that feels both comfortable and devoid of everyday noise — a true retreat for the senses. 
We visited Beck as she softens her living room space with a fresh Mini Waffle Rug in Oatmeal, a colour she says instantly makes her feel warm. Its unfussy yet cushioned weave makes a perfect landing pad for their family's smallest of toes (and paws)...
What comes to mind when you think of the colour oatmeal?

To me it is a colour that makes me feel warm and cozy - exactly how I want my lounge to feel. It's the perfect neutral colour too.

"I like to add warmth and interest through interesting textures."

Why were you drawn to the Mini Waffle weave?

Because my interior style is very refined, featuring only a neutral colour palette, I like to add warmth and interest through interesting textures. The Mini Waffle is also a really durable weave that can handle both our family life and our English Springer Spaniel - Beau!

How would you describe your home's feeling?

My home and personal style are very aligned - refined, minimal and built in a neutral colour palette. I'm not really driven by trends, and prefer quality over quantity.

Why is it important to you to have handcrafted objects around you at home?

I'm a creative through and through, and love the art of handcrafted objects. I am slowly building a collection of objects, from rugs to ceramics and artworks. These pieces really make my house a home, bringing instant warmth and character.

How are you spending your time on the rug?

I'm one of those people who love sitting on a rug around the coffee table and you can often find me there with a wine or coffee deep in conversation with Isaac, or drawing with our daughter Isabella. Our lounge is the space we spend most of our time as a family, as a couple, and with our loved ones. 

How has the rug changed your space?

The Mini Waffle Rug in Oatmeal has refreshed our living space, giving it so much warmth. It has connected the space and the pieces in it to make it feel really cozy.