Caring for your Nodi rug

We want you to have your rug in your life for a long time.

Here’s a few tips to make that happen ...

It’s normal for me to shed a little in the beginning.
I don’t like sunbathing (and will fade if left in direct sunlight!)
Vacuum me regularly
Spot or spill? Use Microseal Spot Cleaning Kit to clean me


We recommend you protect your rug with Microseal. This is one-time treatment seals the fibres, meaning if something is spilt on it, the spill is not absorbed into the rug and increases the chance of the stain being successfully removed.

Wear & tear


Being a handmade item there will be some variation in colour and size – these are not flaws but part of the nature of a handmade product. 5% colour and size variation is considered normal and acceptable.


We recommend Teebaud underlay for all our rugs. This is a non-slip, padded mat which sits under the rug preventing slipping or corners flicking up.

If in doubt, get in touch: We’re happy to answer any questions or recommend a professional should you need.