Our collection of natural rugs and carpets offer a foundation to facilitate connection.
Founder, Olivia Moon
I have always been drawn to tactile things - things that felt unique and interesting to the touch. For me, I often found fabric was too flat, and always found myself drawn to rugs for their textural weave. After studying textile design, I spent six months living in India where I spent my time in factories learning, observing and marvelling at the craftsmanship of weavers. I had a strong conviction that not only were it rugs that I was going to make, but handmade, natural rugs.

The whole reason Nodi exists is to create a natural place of connection between people and their environment. We believe this is best done through introducing natural rugs to ground spaces and defining areas within the home. I emphasise the word "natural" here, a lot of people are unaware of what's on their floors, be it carpet or rugs, and fill their homes with polyester - which is plastic!

For me, without a rug in a living room, there is no soul. For Nodi, the home is considered to be the resting place, a space to disconnect from the chaos outside and recharge. Home is somewhere to nestle away, connect with loved ones, share stories, play, cook, rest, learn and rejuvenate. It is the anchor in our lifestyle. When the foundation is strong, the rest can grow and thrive.
“I’ve always liked things in odd numbers, things off centered, things unbalanced and long been mesmerised by the unique finish of objects crafted by hand. You connect with the person behind the object when there are slight irregularities, I feel it gives an object soul and adds a special, unique character.”
We live in a time where full transparency in knowing where the products that we bring into our lives come from, the impact their production process has on the environment, and our well being. Within Nodi's design process, we continuously make connections between nature: (pesticide-free grown, harvested and dried jute), and human touch: (hand brushed, spun, woven and dyed wool yarn) all woven on traditional man-powered wooden looms. Incredibly meticulous and patient people, the craftspeople are pouring their craft, their history and part of their soul into every rug. Each rug is finished and bound by hand.

Nodi's unique texture comes from using natural, hand spun yarn. Natural fibres are a sustainable resource –they are renewable, biodegradable. Our carbon neutral wool is hypoallergenic and has antibacterial qualities, itabsorbs sound, repels odour and is naturally stain resistant. Because it's an animal fibre, it is also incredibly warm and provides insulation.

People instinctively know what feels good, and Nodi is trying tocreate a product that supports that notion in every facet of the business. Zero use of nylon or polyester are used in the making of each rug. Synthetics and plastics dominate the floor-covering industry, and rugs made from these materials release toxic micro fibres into your family home and work environment that are continuously breathed in. Nodi is a sustainable, only-naturalalternative in this category.

We are passionate about creating unique, thoughtful, high quality products. We are obsessed with simplifying, reducing objects to their raw, essential form - not taking away their essence, but rather focusing on what the essence really is. We believe in longevity: buy less, buy better.
Nodi collaborates with Fair-trade organisation Goodweave for transparency across all handcrafted manufacturing processes. This ensures our working environments are respectful and sustainable. For more information, please see here.
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