For every Nodi Rug purchase, we'll purchase a Safe Night - an initiative of the Women's Refuge New Zealand, for women and children in need.


Where are the rugs made?
All of our rugs are made lovingly by hand in India.

Are your rugs Fairtrade?
We are a licensed Good Weave business - meaning each rug made comes with a numbered sticker which approves each rug as being made in fair conditions where the weavers are paid a fair wage, clean working conditions and ensures strictly no child labour is used. Learn more about Good Weave here.

How do I clean and care for my Nodi rug?

See our Caring for your rug page and follow the guide. Please don't use baking soda - natural fibres do not respond well to this!

What does underlay do?  
We strongly recommend underlay for all of our rugs, underlay stops the rug from slipping, and provides a slim layer of padding making the feel softer and more cushioned underfoot as well as stopping the corners from flicking up.

What is Microseal?
MicroSeal provides a fabric and fiber protection, it is a liquid seal that is sprayed on the rug to assist with prolonging the lifetime of your rug.  MicroSeal dramatically increases the life of all natural fibers by applying a spray that seals the fibre, giving you time to clean any stains before they are absorbed into the fibre. MicroSeal is non-toxic and offers a slight UV protection, helping to reduce the intensity of fading in the sun. Originally developed by researchers in London, England to imitate the natural protection of sheep’s wool, its unique formula requires a perfect balance of high grade ingredients along with a trained and practiced manufacturing process.

Will my rug fade overtime in the sun?
Unfortunately as our sun is so strong, like any natural product, your rug will fade overtime. To reduce this, we suggest placing dark coloured rugs in areas where there is no direct sunlight on the rug, and rotating your rug often so it fades evenly making it less noticeable. Having you rug Microseal will help reduce the fading as it provides a UV protectant, though it will not stop fading from happening. We cannot say exactly how much your rug will fade. 

I love your rugs but am unsure if the style I like will work in my space - can I try it in my space before I buy?

Yes - if you're Auckland based we encourage appro, please reach out to our team so we can assist you here. For out of Auckland we recommend ordering samples online to see in your space before you decide.