Bamboo Silk Blend and Cut Pile Wool Colour Collection

With a palette pulled from earthly components, our new collection of rugs is celebrated through the medium of natural clay pigments and gentle movement, created in collaboration with local artist Ophelia Jones.



Our new colour palette, spanning from a sensuous Rosewood to a vibrant Aloe Green, is reflected and amplified through a series of large scale painted works by Ophelia, hung in-studio by billowing hand-dyed cotton ribbons. Soft, lustrous, and loosely feminine, our new collection of rugs steers Nodi into a landscape that champions visceral experience, maximising all senses through texture and natural light. 



Extremely lustrous and pillowy underfoot, these elegant rugs are handcrafted using a combination of soft 100% pure New Zealand Wool, and Bamboo Silk blended with Wool. 



Nodi 100% pure New Zealand Wool Rugs are available in Rosewood, Sage, Blush, Aloe, and Dijon. 
The new colours available in Bamboo Blend are Sage, Aloe, Linen, Blush and Dijon.
Artist bio:
Ophelia Mikkelson Jones is an artist from New Zealand. Drawn to moments of everyday encounter and intimate gesture her multidisciplinary practice includes photography, painting and sculpture.
Featuring Painted Artworks by Ophelia Mikkelson 
Photography by Adam Bryce 
Creative Direction by Yasmine Ganley