Iconic in form and renowned for design that activates everyday living, this Ian Ian Athfield compound in Karaka Bay is as unique as it is masterful. The home has evolved over two decades, expanding with the requirements of its dwellers.

Its latest iteration features our Braided Jute Rug in Natural in the living area - a room that seems to champion textural materials with a naturally raw finish. Designer Jenny Anderson says, "When considering the space, I wanted to introduce texture and interest by layering natural organic materiality."

"The Jute rug spoke to the architecture and brought movement into the room whilst also anchoring the furniture."

— Jenny Anderson.

Natural jute, when twisted and woven creates a subtle irregularity that, when experienced on masse, echoes nature and grassy landscapes. As a fundamental layer to the room, this rug is suited to those that crave the outdoors and natural objects around them, much like Athfield himself.

Architecture — Athfield Architects 
Interior Design — by Jenny Anderson
Image — Simon Devitt  for HERE magazine