Why choose natural & handmade over synthetic?

Why choose natural & handmade over synthetic?

The world has been following along closely and participating in the multiple climate strikes taking place. Collectively, we all want to see change for our future and the generations to come. 

In the following weeks we will be exploring the positive impact we can make to the world, starting at home. This week we look at natural fibres, and why we believe they have a special place in our homes. We feel personally responsible as designers and creators that what we put out into the world can be returned to the earth, where it all begun. Our aim, to create as little negative impact to the environment as possible, whilst enriching and positively impacting the way we live.

At Nodi our rugs are all made by hand, woven with wool and jute. These fibres lend a warm materiality to interior spaces and are also favoured for their robust, hard wearing nature.  


First things first, what is the difference between natural and synthetic fibres?

Natural fibres (think cotton, hemp, linen, jute and wool) are created from plants and animals. Synthetic fibres are man-made, created in laboratories through a chemical process with most being made from plastic —think polyester or nylon.


Why we are passionate about natural fibres - wool and jute?


  • Natural and renewable resource – both wool and jute are a renewable fibre source. Fleece, taken from the sheep will grow again. The jute plant, grown in the same fields as rice, once cut down will grow again.
  • Biodegradable (coming from the earth and returning to the earth) – both wool and jute are completely biodegradable. Meaning they naturally decompose by bacteria or other living organisms.x
  • Naturally insulating — wool breathes meaning it has the ability to keep us warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In the cooler months, wools insulating qualities trap dry air retaining warmth. 
  • Raw yarn from the earth with simple processes. Our jute is harvested by hand, combed by hand and woven by hand, taking out the need for any machines, leaving no negative impact on the environment in the making of our rugs.  
  • High tenacity, strength, sturdy and robust meaning these pieces are designed to last. 


Why we don't and will not include any synthetic fibres in our rugs?


  • Synthetic fibres are non-biodegradable, spending around 30 or more years in a landfill before they start to decompose.


  • Synthetic fibres may be causing health conditions due to the chemicals they are made of. 


  • Synthetic fibres were originally designed to create mass market versions of a natural fibre. Synthetic fibres can be mass produced in a way natural materials can’t be. It is said what we save in cost we will pay in other ways, such as the impact on our planet.


  • The risk of chemical run off, most of which is often toxic. These pollute both air and water resulting in habitat destruction, air pollution and more.


  • The impact on the planet to create these fibres and for those that then have these fibres in the home. For example, Polyester – this synthetic fibre is derived from coal and petroleum. It is the result of a chemical reaction between acid and alcohol. This is a non-breathing fibre and due to the toxins may cause irritation or become very uncomfortable on the skin.


Home to us is connecting with our loved ones and this connection takes place in, on and amongst our interior pieces that fill the home. Which is why what you bring into your home is so important for your families well being, as well as the impact on the planet both as our interior pieces are created and when they are no longer of use. 



Explore our rugs and add a natural fibre to your home today. 

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