Dressing your dining room — practical tips for every table

Dressing your dining room — practical tips for every table


Whether your dining is an intimate space for gathering with friends or hosts a room full of extended family, connecting over a meal is always memorable.  

This week we explore the dining room. Where a well placed rug helps to visually hold the room together, creating an area of connection for all to enjoy. 'Tis the season for entertaining after all... 


The best weave for under a table...

Whether you are wanting the warmth of wool or are looking to create a neutral palette with Jute. Both fibres are incredibly robust, ideal for dining room settings. 

We recommend our flat and tightly woven styles. Chunky textures tend to get caught by chairs shifting in and out of the table, damaging your rug. Opt for a flat and tightly woven weave so that dining chairs can be pulled in and out smoothly.

Our Pony Braid rug pictured below, creates a natural, calm and elegant dining room setting... we’re ready to eat!



Intimate space or more room to play?  

A well placed rug helps to visually hold the room together, creating an area of  connection for all to enjoy. 

We recommend taping out your dining space with masking tape. This allows you to stand back and visually see the impact the rug will make to your space. 

Tip: Sit in the dining chair and push the chair out with a comfortable amount of room to get up from the table. You want to make sure there is enough room for the chair to be pulled out whilst still sitting on the rug. A dining chair half on, half off the rug will become an annoyance. 


For the small to 'standard' dining table...

With a 1m width  x 2m length table a 2 x 3m rug should be the perfect fit. Generally you will need to allow 0.5m space either side of your table for the chairs to be pulled out, however we recommend putting the above tip to the test. 



For the whole family to gather...

If you do have larger dining chairs or a larger dining table you can opt for a 3 x 4m which is the optimum size to frame your space, allowing for impact and breathing space for the dining table. 


The right size rug is so important. If you are somewhere in between or even larger, we custom make all of our rugs to the size that fits you best. 

Shop our selection of dining approved styles here.

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