Season of Giving

Season of Giving


This Christmas we are giving back to those who endlessly give. Finding joy in connection rather than consumption, we have gifted several rugs to the Middlemore Foundation as an inviting layer of warmth, softness and support this Christmas. 


Middlemore Foundation

'We are a non profit organisation, funding important and life-changing initiatives in South Auckland. The Foundation partners with communities to raise funds to support key projects in health, homes and education within Counties Manukau and Kidz First Hospital. 

Middlemore Foundation works to connect and lead an alliance of partners in South Auckland to transform the wellbeing of communities and enable strong communities to thrive.' 

This year, families who were recognised under the healthy homes programme, were gifted a rug, along with young teen mums. Many families in the South Auckland community live in cold, damp living conditions causing them to fall ill due to lack of warmth. As a result of this, multiple children are admitted to Kidz first hospital with preventable diseases. 

Our rugs not only offer an extra layer of warmth for these home, but offer a space of connection for the whole family to enjoy. 



"Here is the photo of Winsome and her moko she was really stoked about getting the rug. Thank you to the Middlemore Foundation for blessing this Nana in our community with a new rug."



Like to get involved?

From gifting books to the 'Jammies in June' initiative. There are plenty of ways you can help. 

This years 2019 Christmas Appeal:

Have a tree-mendous Christmas!

This year we are celebrating Christmas in a different way! Rather than presents, we are raising funds to create a garden to help the South Auckland community thrive by constructing a beautiful, therapeutic place for the public to enjoy.

The 1.5 acre paddock in the heart of Manurewa is being transformed into a community and educational urban farm – starting with the water tanks needed to harvest rainwater for the growing of the plants. This community-led initiative is the product of a collaboration between Manurewa High School and the Counties Manukau District Health Board, which owns the land and has free leased it to the community as a healing place to reduce frequent issues that occur in Manurewa.

Intends for the garden includes an education garden, a healing garden, a food forest, a worm farm which utilises Manukau’s Super Clinic food waste, and a huge community garden with communal and allotment areas, to provide wholesome and nutritious food to the Manurewa community.

For our Christmas Appeal this year, please consider making a donation to this encouraging project. No matter how big or small your donation is, together all contributions will make a significant, positive difference to many struggling families in South Auckland.


'From the team at Middlemore Foundation, we would like to thank you for Changing the Odds in the community. We cannot wait to do it again next year with you.'

Thank you to the team at Middlemore Foundation for all the hard work you do every day behind the scenes, continuously giving, delivering hope to families in need.

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