Nodi Pooches

Nodi Pooches

This week we meet some of our favourite Nodi Pooches who have been comfort testing our Nodi Rugs at home. 

We love seeing Nodi Pets giving our rugs a paw of approval. If you have a story of your furry friends that you'd like to share get in touch with us via: — we'd love to hear from you!

Benson Astwood-New 

Meet Benson, Blair and Benjamin's golden retriever. For Benson the Braided Jute "is really his mat — every night he brings his toys and plays with them on the rug before falling asleep, dead to the world! He loves it's softness and warmth." 

Blair shares that it is a bonus for them too — "the Braided Jute is so durable, it doesn't show any dirt! It helps our house always look presentable, but we can actually live in it and not have to be too careful."

Benson loves a trip to Bunnings too, he's just not a fan of the escalator! "He's really just a big baby — loving his blanket, soft toys and cuddles." See more of Benson's escapades on his personal Instagram: @goldenretriever_benson


Cedric the Pug

Nodi Neighbourhood friend Cedric, getting cosy on our Looped Wool in Ash.  Self proclaimed "Prince of Ponsonby", you can follow all of Cedrics antics on his personal Instagram: @cedricthepug  



Molly Moon 

Molly Moon, Our resident Nodi model. At home Molly "loves to roll around on the Noughts Weave rug, giving her back a good massage. She also loves snoozing and playing with her siblings too!"


Gizmo is a new friend to Nodi."He's only three months old however the Nodi rug has fast become his favourite spot of the house." We love that he loves the softness of the Looped Jute as much as we do!



Monty McIntosh aka Mr Tessuti 

Along with his duties of welcoming customers to Tessuti he is also our chief Nodi comfort tester of which he takes his job very seriously. 

At home Monty's favourite rug is the Tasseled Wool, but today we find in him store taking a nap on his new favourite, the Hand Knotted Jute

"Monty loves his 6am walks." And, by the way he looks at his mum, Ali McIntosh, one of our wonderful Nodi wholesalers, we can see just how much love he has for his best friend.

If not asking for a cuddle at the door of Tessuti, Monty can often be spied over on Tesutti's instagram: @tessutti_nz




To see our Nodi Pet Guide click here or view our collection of pet friendly rugs here. 

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