Cats? Dogs? We've got you covered ...

Cats? Dogs? We've got you covered ...

What we hear most commonly is how much you would love to have a nice rug in your home but unfortunately you have a pet.

Knowing the importance our furry friends play within our home, we have created a Nodi pet guide. Answering all your questions and sharing our knowledge, helping you to make an informed decision when selecting the right rug for your home. You can now rest easy on the rug you desire while you connect and play with your best friend. 

1 — Choose durable, easy to maintain materials

Jute — incredibly soft underfoot, jute is a low fuss, easy to maintain option for the home whether you have pets or not.

Wool — durable, naturally stain, and odour resistant. Made from a blend of New Zealand and Himalayan Wool our collection of woollen rugs are warm and plush, meaning both you and your pet will often find yourself in a cosy spot here.


2 — Know your weaves

Refined, tighter weaves means claws can't find their way in to cause any damage.

Our Braided Jute is tightly woven meaning claws can't find their way into pulling up or unravelling this weave. A style we recommend for plenty of traffic.

 Our Hand Knotted Jute is a great pet friendly recommendation. With the finished design being that of a 'cut pile' style, shaved. This incredibly soft and luxurious rug again is a top pick as claws can't get 'in' or 'under' in anyway. 

3 — Match your fur colour with your rug colour

Of course lighter hair on a dark woollen rug will show up, but our rugs are easy to vacuum back to brand new. If your dog does shed heavily op for a rug with variance in texture and colour such as Mini Loops as this hides the fur a little more.


The variance in colour and texture of the Mini Loop hides a multiple of sins with shedding dogs or cats. Created by weaving mini loops of soft wool and then cutting part of the pile, the texture in this rug is one to love. Incredibly durable this rug is a much loved favourite by pets and their owners.


4 — Microseal is your best friend

We offer Microseal to protect your rug. This is one-time treatment which seals the fibres, meaning if something is spilt, the spill is not absorbed into the rug and you have an increased chance of the stain being successfully removed. We recommend this treatment as with pets you never know when old if an accident may occur.


5 — Trial your weaves

We offer complimentary in home samples. We recommend taking home your favourite weave and letting your pets explore and feel at home on these. All pets are different so let them have a play!

Please note pet friendly does not mean 100% pet proof. We recommend you take complimentary samples home to test out with your furry friends.  

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