Creating a harmonious bedroom

Creating a harmonious bedroom

This week we explore the bedroom. A place to dream, rest and repair. 

Striking a balance between what is beautiful yet practical, we look at a few of the small gestures that come together to create a calming and peaceful space. 



The way we style our bedroom, is almost an unsaid rule that we all follow — think our bed centred in the room with a bedside table either side. Symmetry in the bedroom is incredibly important to the eye that then translates to a restful mind set. Symmetry creates a harmonious, calm evoking space. 



General rule of thumb is to also always have your bed against a wall. A bed floating in the room doesn’t nurture rest. The bed placed against the wall creates a peaceful environment making us feel held, supported and protected as we enter dreamland.  



Out of all the rooms in the house we want our bedroom to gently nurture our senses while not overwhelming them. It is equally important that what is placed underfoot and under our bed evokes the same feeling. 

Keeping symmetry in mind, for those with a queen or king opt for our 2 x 3m sized rug or for a little more room underfoot the 3 x 4m rug.

We style our 2 x 3m rug so that it is placed just after our bedside tables, starting quarter way down the bed (letting our bedsides rest on the floor). This allows a little extra texture each side of your bed allowing you to step straight onto softness.



Natural Fibres

We are passionate about natural fibres. Not only are they kind to the environment, they are important for our wellbeing also. Natural fibres in the bedroom brings us to the same relaxed, yin state we experience when in nature. Bring as many natural elements as you can into your bedroom. 


The bedside table and mantle piece

The bedroom is a deeply personal space. We believe a little corner, whether it be your bedside table or mantle piece should hold a piece of you. 

Whether it’s the items that assist in your morning and evening rituals that set you up for a well spent day or a long nights rest. A collection of post cards from your travels, shells from your favourite beach, birthday cards and love notes. Let a corner of your room tell the story of you. Our bedroom is the space in the home in which we return to ourselves. Let it be a space that truly reflects who you are. This is your corner of the world.



Our favourite bedroom pick — The Tasseled Wool  

Soft and cosy, the ribbed detailing of this rug offers a layer of warmth and support. A particular favourite, the Dove colourway gives a fresh and calming mood to our bedrooms. No better way to enter into dreamland ... 


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