For every Nodi Rug purchase, we'll purchase a Safe Night - an initiative of the Women's Refuge New Zealand, for women and children in need.

Allbirds HQ

The Allbirds philosophy epitomises today's ideal of sustainable innovation, proving that comfort, design, and conscious creation can coexist in equal measure. With plans to redesign and expand the San Francisco Head Quarters in a manner that echoes their brand values, we worked with the team to help create natural zones intended to cultivate connection and collaboration.

Thibauilt Cartier

San Francisco

Aspiring to provide greater flexibility for employees within the workplace, the intention for each zone was to serve a diverse set of needs - informal meeting space, a comfortable respite from a traditional desk during heads down work, a social lounge, and a meeting point. “Critically, these areas are located near bottlenecks of high traffic areas around elevators, stairwells, and the board room. It is in these zones where impromptu connections and collaboration often occur, and offering a comfortable oasis to quickly settle into encourages these interactions further”, says Dylan Chase, Facilities Manager, Allbirds.

Working closely with the team on conceptualisation, we created custom rugs crafted from our luxurious wool fibre - a nod to the Allbirds material story. “Selecting Nodi rugs was not only a fitting opportunity to tie HQ to our New Zealand roots, it’s a further tangible connection to the material story of our company, which is incredibly important for us. Thoughtfully designed, natural, and incredibly comfortable, the rugs are a reflection of our own philosophy”, notes Dylan.

Twisted Wool

Designed using a uniquely twisted woollen yarn, this low maintenance rug is ideal for busy households due to its low pile and easy to clean nature.

Twisted Wool

Bold injections of colour imbue throughout the space, stimulating the senses and further framing these areas of connection. “There is an inherent playfulness in everything we create at Allbirds and we want our workplace to reflect that as well. Inserting colour is a simple way of achieving that while simultaneously preventing any space from feeling aesthetically sterile”, says Dylan.