Our Still Life series for our Bamboo Silk + Wool Blend collection is a story of four parts. This combination of objects aims to inspire reflection and the consideration of time and connections, sentiments also embedded in the slowly crafted creation of our rugs...


Gathered with items that have been at some point exposed to water: two river stones, a hand-built clay vessel, fresh tulips, repurposed lambs wool, and a boule of home-baked rye, our Fog Grey Bamboo Silk + Wool Blend Rug works well with warm timbers, glass, and hints of copper. Calming on the eye, it is a modern option for those who want texture above anything else.


A shorter day, a lower light, a desire to draw inwards and to make space for idle thought. Our Stone Grey Bamboo Silk + Wool Blend Rug works well with warm timbers, concrete flooring, and neutral interiors. Calming on the eye, its value is in its generous pile height and subtle sheen. Both modern and comforting, our Stone Grey option is a popular choice for those who crave texture in their space. 


A space to hunker down, reflect and slowly document, adjust, trim, explore. Our CHARCOAL still life includes objects that prompt us to take action: a stack of journals, a woven bookmark, a fresh pot of coffee, a roll of twine.

Deep and calming, the Charcoal Bamboo Silk Blend Rug works well with light timbers, touches of stainless steel, and bright earthy colours. 


Vibrant and joyful, the marigold flower has, historically, been an invitation for abundance. With this in mind, our still life includes objects that prompt celebration: a paper garland, hand picked dahlias, coloured glass, local wine, beeswax candles, and the good napkins. 

Our earthy marigold adds warmth and character. Best paired with concrete floors, plastered walls and hand-sculpted furniture.