St. Heliers, Private Residence by Bureaux 

Architecture and interior design studio Bureaux renovated this four bedroom home in Auckland’s St Heliers for a couple and their two children.

Auckland-based architecture and interior design studio Bureaux often create bespoke furniture and fittings for their projects. Rather than applying interior details as a secondary phase to the architecture, they see it as one vision. Because of this, the team began by working backwards, from the inside out, carefully deciphering how spaces might be occupied and teasing out all the details to accompany their clients’ rituals of living. “We find it difficult to think about a room without considering how that room might be occupied,” says Bureaux Director Jessica Walker. “Behaviour informs how a space is designed."

"A home that tells a special story in its owners’ unique language."

Utilising a range of essential materials, each reflective of the family's functional requirements and personality, our [Bamboo Silk and Wool Blend Rug in Forest Green] was inlaid with a border or timber. In the main bedroom, the inlaid [Mini Loop Rug in Marl/Ash] is utilised for its plush underfoot feel for that first step of the day.

Feature originally created for Homestyle magazine

Images by Sam Hartnett. Words by Claire Buchanan.