Introducing our New Tatami Weave

Introducing our New Tatami Weave

Still, simple, peaceful, disciplined, minimalistic and harmonious.

It has been a busy month at Nodi launching our new collection which includes the much anticipated Tasseled Wool and Tatami Weave.

Our Tatami Rug made from brushed Jute is extremely soft underfoot while also favoured for its robust, hard wearing nature. As soon as the Tatami weave rug is rolled out and laid upon the floor we are transported to the Zen, tranquillity of a Japanese interior. Like the traditional Japanese interior, the Nodi Tatami Weave invites you down onto the floor. It lends itself to being sleek, flat, soft, textured, quiet and still.

The traditional Japanese Tatami Mat

The traditional Tatami mat is made from rush grass around a rice straw core. The mats are gentle but firm underfoot.

There is usually one room in every Japanese home where Tatami mats cover the wooden floors. Rooms covered with Tatami mats were known as Tatami rooms or ‘zashiki’ which translates to ‘rooms spread out for sitting.’ What these rooms highlight are spaces to gather on the floor to eat, to sleep and to drink tea. Also, spaces for oneself, for yoga and meditative practices to calm and clear the mind.

Japanese style revolves around clean and uncluttered living, holding tightly to balance, order, ancient customs and a love for the imperfect beauty of nature.

Like Nodi the Japanese appreciate natural materials in their homes, the interiors brim with natural warmth and have a quiet, calm mood.

Our Nodi Tatami Weave is a modern take on the ideas surrounding the traditional Tatami mat. We have done what we do best, used natural jute to give you a natural handmade rug that brings simplicity and sophistication to your home. The Tatami Weave nods towards tranquillity as it sits flat upon the floors surface. It doesn’t ask for attention yet adds a rich texture to any interior. The weave brings the meditative state of simple repetition.

The Nodi Tatami weave in your home

The traditional Japanese tea ceremony takes place on the Tatami Mat. The tea ceremony is a gathering, and the graceful gestures and movements while emptying one’s mind to have full attention on the tea making process, is the Japanese way to connect with their guests and themselves on a spiritual level.

You may not come home to prepare for a tea ceremony but the Nodi Tatami weave allows for you and your loved ones to create your own calming ritual on the rug, be it watching your favourite show, tucked up with your little ones with a blanket on the rug, enjoying a bowl of your Tuesday night traditional treat, catching up on your children's days while they play and do homework, lighting a woody scented candle, or enjoying a moments peace, a steamy hot cup of tea.

In Japan before setting foot on a Tatami Mat, even slippers should be removed. So, slide your shoes off, feel the soft brushed jute under your feet, take a deep breath in and deep breath out, be here in the moment on your Tatami mat. When the Japanese are asked why did the tatami mat become a staple in their interiors, ‘I feel relaxed when entering a tatami room.’

The Nodi Tatami Weave Jute adds a perfect understated luxury that brings warmth and grounding to your home on these cooler evenings.

Tatami Weave Rug in Natural handmade by Nodi Rugs

Tatami Weave Rug in Natural handmade by Nodi Rugs

Explore the Tatami Weave. Available in Midnight Grey and Natural