by Sophie Burke Design


"This new build was inspired by the characteristics of an old Belgium farmhouse. The interior language of the home is minimal, with large expanses of material, a refined, soft and tonal palette, accented with touches of black to provide depth and relief. Traditional elements were pared back, simplifying lines, and editing the unnecessary. Careful consideration was made for each layer in order to respect the homeowners' desire for an unembellished space. The result is an essential and peaceful place for the family to gather." — Sophie Burke.


The entryway to the home is warmed with our Pony Braid Jute Rug, and our Tasselled Wool Rug adds texture to the living room space, its two-tone colour echoing the room's overall palette.


Builder: Hasler Homes
Architectural Designer: Robert Blaney
Interior Design: Sophie Burke Design 
Images by Ema Peter Photography