Fisher & Paykel Auckland Experience Centre

It is a pleasure to be included in Fisher & Paykel's Auckland Experience Centre. Led by Jaron Ansley, Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei, Alt Group and Dahlia Ghani of Knight Associates, the centre hinges on Fisher & Paykel's design theory: Designed in Aotearoa, bringing together sculptural elements and natural materiality. Every physical element and human interaction is symbiotic with the brand's connection to tāngata whenua.

Our Bamboo Silk + Wool Blend Rug in Forest Green anchors the dining room, offering a subtle energy to a dark lit space. The component of silk catches the lower light, building an interest of texture in contrast to the other smooth and raw materials, including West Coast black sand, iron and-infused plaster and reclaimed tōtara. The effect is masterful and conceptually true to the brand's constant commitment to excellence and innovation.