Emily L'Ami of Bodha

Riding the notion that scent holds memory, Emily L'Ami, Director of Bodha, is teaching us that through aroma one can come back to themselves. Awakening the senses is something Emily searches for in her every day, be it through colour, temperature or sound. We love this idea, that textures and objects can hold memories and stories. Coming back to the source is something that we, too, feel motivated by. 

We visit Emily's home in Los Angeles and spend a moment in her studio, observing the perfumer's process, slow yet exact. It is a space where time has the opportunity to unravel deep, perhaps forgotten, moments. 

What comes to mind when you think of wool?

New Zealand/home and that comforting agrestic smell of lanolin. 

 How does your rug feel in your space? What has it brought to your working time?

The rug has really grounded the different elements of the space and made it feel cosier. If I get too lost in work thoughts I like to shift my feet from the soft warmth of the rug to the cool concrete floor for a nice little sensory wake up.

Are handcrafted objects important to you?

Anything handcrafted is important to me because its inherently sensory - a reminder of the beauty of our humanness in an increasingly digital world. 


What are some important objects / colours / scents for you to have around your home? 

The artwork that all of our wedding guests put in for. The deep green of New Zealand bush. Grounding and calming scents to reset the energy of our home especially before guests come over or at the end of the day.


Can you please share your favourite places to visit in LA?

Goldline is an amazing record bar, Houston's is my favourite old school restaurant where they 'refresh' your martini, and the Norton Simon museum is the perfect gallery visit. 

Emily is photographed by Greta van der Star 

Our Twisted Wool in Marle Grey softens the ground of Emily's scent studio.