At home with Jessica d’Abadie, Byron Bay

At home with Jessica d’Abadie, Byron Bay

With a design approach that seeks to achieve a 'feeling' that their clients want in their homes, Jessica d'Aadie, Interior Designer and Founder of We Are Triibe, is someone we deeply resonate with, fostering a skill set that utilises materials and colour palettes to build spaces that host connection and elevate the everyday experience.

Jessica is visited by photographer Nat McComas at home in Byron Bay, and we speak together about the power of material combinations, the influence of family heritage, and the importance of having a physical connection to nature.



What does your home mean to you and how does it reflect the things that are most important to you? Home for me is my family, wherever we are. Home for me is our garden, the land we live on, as well as those spaces inside where we create memories and watch our kids grow up.

How would you describe your interior aesthetic? I like my home to feel visually calm, and because of that I'm actually quite simple in my own interiors. My mum is German and I grew up for a portion of my life in Indonesia & Germany so I think I have those influences inbedded in me too.

What kind of feel were you looking to create in this space? In our living room I wanted to create a cozy space, one where we can cuddle up on the couch (with or without the kids) unwind, drink wine and relax. Big low and wide soft sofas, versatile seating and a large coffee table to connect the space with a big rug anchoring it all together helped to achieve this.

As an interior designer my home has always been a space which I continuously create and adapt to suit our evolving lives. At the core of it, my home needs to be able to enhance the day-to-day things, whether it’s where we eat as a family, or entertain with friends, each space needs to be functional and elevate our experiences.



"Our design approach at Triibe is to achieve the ‘feeling’ that the client wants to create in each space. I do the same with my home. Building our own living room was about creating connection, a space for our family to unwind and be together."



As an interior designer, do you approach your own home the same way you would with a project? Our approach at Triibe is to always design a space with what ‘feeling’ the client wants to achieve from each room, and we design with that intention at the forefront. I do the same with my home. For me, my living room was about creating connection as a family, a space to unwind and all be together. So the pieces I chose help to intentionally create that.

We believe that when we surround ourselves with nature, we feel good, which is part of the reason we use 100% natural fibres with all of our rugs. How do you feel when you’re in and around nature and does this influence your purchasing decisions for your own home? We are surrounded by nature where we live and it’s really special to be so connected to nature, especially for our boys. I think I’m instinctively driven to natural materials, especially after being exposed to so much over the years of being a designer, but it also suits where and how we live.



How did adding your Nodi rug transform your space? The texture and softness of the Nodi rug created a tactile and calming palette which I love. My boys love to lie and play on it, and it feels warm and cozy during these cooler months.

Photographs by Nat McComas for Nodi.

Jessica's home features the Noughts Weave Wool rug in Marl Grey [here]

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