Jute Bamboo Loop Beige


Our Jute Bamboo Loop rug plays on two opposing fibres, combining the elegant lustre of bamboo silk with the organic, irregular beauty of jute. This rug lends a warm and elevated materiality to interior spaces and is favoured for its unique colour variation. 

  • Sustainably harvested jute, and 100% Bamboo Silk
  • Our Jute is grown (without pesticides) and hand cut, soaked and extracted in West Bengal.
  • Bamboo Silk is a sustainably harvested, pesticide free yarn that is grown without the use of nasty chemicals.
  • Best suited to lounge rooms, bedrooms and living rooms.
    • 2x3m
    • 2.5x3.5m
    • 3x4m


    Our Jute is grown (without pesticides) and harvested from West Bengal. It is then hand cut, soaked in the river, and decomposed until the fibre can be extracted from the inside. Our artisans utilise the outer part of the plant to weave baskets. The low quality husk of the jute plant is combed out and used for everyday objects such as coffee sacks and brown twine. The soft, lustrous jute is what is saved for our Nodi rugs. As jute is harvested only once a year, rice is grown in its place and harvested twice a year to make use of a monsoon climate. Subtly textured and soft underfoot, our 100% natural jute rugs are the strongest in our range because the yarn is twisted as it is woven, meaning it also sheds less.


    Our handcrafted approach doesn’t end with our rugs, our team of interior designers are able to guide you on making the best purchase for your home and needs. Consultations can be done : 

    • At our Auckland Showroom 
     • Online via Zoom 
     • In your own home 

     Contact our team to book a consultation (09) 390 0730 or hello@nodirugs.com


    We want you to have your rug in your life for a long time, here's a few tips that can help make that happen, Have a look at our tips around ongoing care and even what to do in case of a spill.    

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    We recommend you purchase underlay and premium surface protection with your rug. These treatments will lengthen the life of your rug and make it easier to care for.