Natural Connection

A connection between nature and the human touch. 

All objects should be well designed: functional, beautiful, and made with care. They also have the opportunity to become a medium in which our personal values are made visible. We know that we thrive in natural environments, and with Nodi, our value is to create natural points of connection between nature and people — from the materials we use, to the way they are handcrafted, and how they are enjoyed.

We are obsessed with simplifying, reducing objects to their raw, essential form - not taking away their essence, but, rather, focusing on what the essence really is. This campaign is dedicated to the idea that our 100% natural, handcrafted rugs can facilitate a connection between mother nature and the human touch, bring our senses to life, and reshape the way we co-exist with the world around us.  

Our latest campaign features the Braided Jute Natural rug and the Tasselled Wool in Moss.