Hummingbird Inn, Ojai California

We had the pleasure of working with Kenny Osehan, founder of the Shelter Social Club, on their charming Spanish-style Inn in Ojai, California.
Our Bamboo Silk & Wool Blend Rug in Moss was thoughtfully integrated into the design, enhancing the cosy and inviting atmosphere.
Kenny shared insights about this inspiring project and the importance of handcrafted items in their unique spaces.

Hummingbird Inn, Ojai California

What inspired the design concept for the Hummingbird Inn?

We always want to keep our design concepts honest to what the structure of each property communicates. For the Hummingbird, we followed the Spanish Colonial Revival theme with the cottages and terracotta tiles that were already in place. We brought the tiles into the lobby, guest rooms, and roof shingles. The lobby walls got plastered and doorways arched. We added clay pots throughout the interiors and exteriors, as well as terracotta breeze block walls and a water fountain feature.

What kind of atmosphere did you set out to create?

Cozy and inviting is always our goal. Something that feels fun and new with a timeless approach, without any pre-tense.

Why was it important for you to include handcrafted items in the design of the space?

At all Shelter Social Club properties, we strive to work with independent artists whenever possible. It always makes each project more fun for us to work with creatives we admire. The pieces every artist creates are bespoke for our properties, making the experience of each space more special and unique, enhancing the personality and energy of each place.


 What comes to mind when you think of the colour Moss?

Earth and grounding.

What drew you to choose our bamboo silk rug?

The texture feels fun and luxurious.

 Featured Products:

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Photography: Stephanie Helguera

Property: Shelter Social Club x Hummingbird Inn Here

Special thanks to Paul Valentine at Small Office