At home with Emma Richardson

We spoke to our very own Emma Richardson, Design Consultant at Nodi about styling her home in central Auckland.
At home with Emma Richardson

What comes to mind when you think of the colour 'Blush'

Sensuality, elegance, and timelessness. 


Why were you drawn to Bamboo Silk & Wool Blend?

It’s a luxuriously soft blend of yarns that is best experienced with bare feet. My partner and I both fell in love with the colour — a malleable tone of pink that can be exaggerated or neutralized, depending on the objects around it.


How would you describe your home? 

Cosy and relaxed, with lots of places to hang out and have fun! Being located so high above the street, there is always amazing light pouring in.

It’s also very clean and tidy, I’m not easy to live with if the house is disorganized!



Can you tell us about some of the other materials or textures that you have brought into your home?

We've recently moved in here, and the house had such great character already. We didn’t own a lot of furniture, which was great as we got to choose pieces together. There’s definitely a blend of masculine and feminine in our choices of materials and colours throughout. 



Have you noticed any shift in the space, as in how it is utilized, since you laid your rugs down? 

The space feels both invigorating and gentle. Our fireplace is here, so it is a spot where we come together and catch up on our day, and socialize, but also it's an area of the house where we often go to find peace and quiet. The softness of the rug cushions the experience of the room, and the vibrant yet earthy colours don’t demand anything from you at the end of the day.



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Photography: Yasmine Ganley