Our Planet

A sustainable, natural alternative.

We don’t view ourselves as separate from nature, and therefore believe in respecting our planet, as we do ourselves.

We live in a time where we all expect full transparency in knowing where products come from that we bring into our lives, and the impact their production process has on both the environment and our well being.

The floor covering world is dominated by plastic - We believe that polyester and nylon, which are essentially plastic, can be replaced with natural fibres.

With the fibres gifted by Mother Nature,  a considered design process that focuses on creating modern, durable textures and following a sustainable manufacturing process, we believe in longevity. Buy less, buy better.

Our Process

All our rugs are lovingly made in certified GoodWeave® factories in India.

The combination of the skilled artisans that weave them and our focus on developing unique textures and designs result in quality pieces made to last. We do not produce a new range each season, we keep a core range and simply add individual new styles where we see gaps, because of this we produce and waste less and design styles that are classic, contemporary and timeless.


This is where the magic really begins - we use all natural fibres to make our yarn, with a focus on jute and wool.

Both renewable and harvested sustainably, we take great pride in working closely with our jute and sheep farmers to select high quality fibres to spin into unique yarns. Our jute is harvested from West Bengal, India and the wool and blend of New Zealand and Himalayan wool. When we are designing our ranges we always start with the yarn first, and let that guide how it will be woven to create a unique texture.

Woollen yarn bundles before being spun

Woollen yarn being prepared for the loom

Jute yarn bundles


We work closely with our skilled artisans to develop unique, natural textures. Woven on traditional wooden looms, weavers work in unison, sometimes 4 people at a time to meticulously and carefully craft our range of rugs.

Each rug is  handmade with love and care, using the human touch, to be enjoyed by the human touch.

Early stages of a rug being inspected and compressed to ensure strength and durability

Artisans working in unison on a traditional wooden loom

Yarn being carefully tied

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