For every Nodi Rug purchase, we'll purchase a Safe Night - an initiative of the Women's Refuge New Zealand, for women and children in need.

Private residence

Carole Whiting & Dan Varcoe

Samuel Hartnett

Auckland, New Zealand

Nodi partnered with Dan to supply two rugs - one for the living area, and the second for the bedroom.

"After moving home from Australia, we had already designed a lot of the spaces so started work as soon as I took back possession of the space. I had a large rug that I bought home with me, that could have potentially worked in the space, but I really felt like I needed a change, so immediately started looking for a suitable replacement. I discovered Nodi straight away which was great."

Selecting a custom made Bamboo Silk Rug, a muted natural colour was chosen to help add a subtle and soft texture to the space. "The rug defines the lounge space in the open plan environment and adds a necessary layer, that it would feel completely naked without it. It tones down the oak timber flooring, is not too loud, so not to compete with the art on the walls."