For every Nodi Rug purchase, we'll purchase a Safe Night - an initiative of the Women's Refuge New Zealand, for women and children in need.

Chapman Tripp

Located in Auckland's downtown, Chapman Tripp's new offices are nothing short of world class.

The spaces were designed to create an agile and dynamic environment with no offices and a blend of quiet spaces, collaborative spaces and individual work settings to support their work.

Warren & Mahoney

Jono Parker

Auckland, New Zealand

We partnered with Warren and Mahoney to create bespoke shaped Bamboo Silk Rugs for the reception and lobby areas.

The meeting space is where Chapman Tripp chose to introduce a hotel-style introduction to their services, with a bespoke designed reception area in a soft arrangement at the heart of a generous space, defined by uniquely shaped custom Nodi rugs.

Bamboo Silk

Made from bamboo silk blended with soft himalayan wool - this luxurious rug elevates the space in which it sits, adding a lustrous, rich texture which changes depending on the light.

Bamboo Silk