For every Nodi Rug purchase, we'll purchase a Safe Night - an initiative of the Women's Refuge New Zealand, for women and children in need.

Assembly Label Store

Wanting to create a space that reflected their signature minimal and relaxed aesthetic, fashion brand Assembly Label worked with Australian based interior designers from We are Triibe to do so.

We are Triibe

Mike Hishon

Auckland, New Zealand

Paired-back tones and neutral timber were used to create a space that feels more like a home than a retail store, including our elegant and all natural Pony Braid Rug used to define a seating area within the store.

Pony Braid

Inspired by brushed horse hair, this style is the softest in our jute range. Made from hand spun, brushed jute, this rug is a tidy and structured texture.

Pony Braid