The Hand Knotted Jute Rug

The Hand Knotted Jute Rug

A bold, raw and textured rug designed to add depth to your home. 

This rug is created by our artisans in India who knot the natural fiber of jute, which has previously been dyed a dark midnight grey. Once hand knotting is complete the rug is shaved, removing the top of the handmade knots.  

What is created is a flat weave rug with a beautiful raw texture. By shaving off the knots that were created in this handmade process, what is left is a moody dark landscape of colours. The dark midnight grey is dominant but where the dye didn’t find its way into the knots, creases and loops, we are left with the natural golden colour of Jute coming through and lighter variants of midnight grey.  

This rug brings a sophisticated mood to every space it transforms. The dark midnight grey mixed with the warm golden is a one of a kind and adds layer and depth to any space. What comes to mind is a dark and indulgent interior.  

We love to use it to transform spaces such as an office or study with a dark wooden desk and chocolate leather chair, an entrance way that needs depth and a warm welcome, a living room requiring a texture to anchor the room or in  an apartment or loft, pair it with a concrete or wooden floor and dark stained joinery.  

The moody, rich and elegant Hand Knotted Jute Rug  

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