Re-energise your workspace

Re-energise your workspace

We are setting up our Nodi work space for 2019 and have a few tips and tricks which we are implementing to create a thoughtful, inspired and motivating work environment. We have shared our steps below from our freshen up, which we hope will inspire or act as small reminders. 


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We know when there is clutter around us our brains then feel cluttered. Keep a clear, simple and minimal work space to keep the mind clear. 

Left: source unknown @Pinterest. Right: Photographer Greta van der Star, featuring Nodi Braided Jute Rug in Steel


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Connecting our bare feet to the earth helps us to feel calm, present and grounded. Keeping a Nodi Rug underfoot, while inside working means you can get the same sense of peace and connection to nature as our rugs are 100% natural. This extends to all elements of your office, keep it natural and find some calm this year. 


Left: source unknown @Pinterest Right: Nodi Pony Braid Rug in Natural


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Keep hydration up throughout the day for a clear mind and more energy.

Set up a space to make tea or coffee. Make it a ritual you enjoy each day, a moment to breath, be mindful and sip slowly. Use your favourite cup, teapot and tea bags to add a little simple luxury to your day.  

We are enjoying a coffee and moment to breathe on our Pebble Weave Rug in Husk.



Nodi Braided Jute Steel, Photo by Scott Hardy

Try to keep the light natural to keep your mood uplifted and energy high. Pace your desk near a window for fresh air and close to where the natural light will find you. On darker days a beautiful lamp will bring your attention and focus down to your work. 


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 Featured Nodi Pony Braid Rug in Natural, Photo by Greta van der Star

Book in breaks as you do meetings. This way like a meeting you have put this time aside and held yourself accountable. You are more productive when you have stepped back for a break. Take a moment in your day to connect with yourself and loved ones. You may have a pet that is flopped by your feet which needs a quick walk around the block. Take this time to get out of your mind and back into your body before starting again. It will add meaning to your day and help you to unwind later in the evening having taken a moment to slow down. 


Nodi Founder, Olivia Smith taking a moment out of her busy day to stop, breathe and connect with Molly on her Nodi Rug


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Add Greenery and florals to your work space. Going back to our connection to nature, your mood and mental health will benefit from this simple addition. Nature is truly magic. 

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Left: Florals and a colourful pop of artwork in our Nodi showroom. Tip - you can sign up to a weekly subscription with a florist where they deliver you a new bunch of flowers to your office each week. Right: source unknown @Pinterest

Left: Pots and Plants in our Nodi Showroom - 1/3 Faraday Street, Parnell Auckland. Right: Pony Braid Rug in Natural in the Nodi Office



Nodi Braided Jute Natural Rug in Natural, Photo by Greta van der Star

Add some of your favourite objects to your work space to make the space yours, put your mark on it. Sculptural forms are playful and make for an aesthetically pleasing interior which keeps us happy and motivated. Irregular texture also delights our senses. Place a Nodi rug down underfoot to add texture. The texture underfoot brings you back to the present moment as you appreciate the tactility, warmth and support, bringing you back to the now and back into the sensations of your body.

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Featured our Nodi Rugs in Noughts Weave Charcoal, Noughts Weave Marl Grey and Hand Knotted Jute in Fossil 


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Pin up imagery of what inspires and motivates you. You can use imagery to set intentions for the year as well as goals and resolutions. You will be surprised at the end of the year with all that you have achieved which was pinned on your moodpboard at the beginning of the year as a goal. There is power in visualisation and putting out to the universe what you want to achieve. 


 We are excited and ready for a year of growth, learning and fun. We're looking forward to meeting and working with you all this year.