Nodi by the coast and 20% off online

Nodi by the coast and 20% off online

One of our favourite things about the long weekend and heading to the coast, (as much as we love the outdoors), is the interiors we find ourselves in. There is a certain aesthetic to the beach house decor that instantly allows us to unwind and relax. 

At the Bach you will find a random assortment of furniture, what is no longer wanted in the city home finds its way here. There are collections of shells and boxes of old board games, fill the cupboards. We are always seemingly transported back through time when we step inside, back to last summer and the summer before. To hold this all together we have our beautiful Nodi Jute Rug, luminescent in the golden light, it anchors our space. In between everything this is where we find ourselves resting, connecting and playing over the long weekend.

Our tips for coastal living over the long weekend


Choose light colours and natural, undyed fibres. 

Natural jute will endure summers direct sun and fade out to be a variation on itself. We do recommend, like with any interior furniture that it is rotated every now and again so there is an even fade.

Durable fibres 

Our jute is brushed, making this rug incredibly soft underfoot. It lends a warm materiality and beautiful texture to the beach house, whilst also being robust, sturdy and supportive. Great for barefoot beach days and standing up to the coming and going of the whole family. 


Just like we need sunscreen, rugs need protection too. Microseal is a non toxic treatment that is sprayed onto the rug. It forms an invisible, protective coat, sealing the fibres of the rug. Any spills of wine at a gathering or bbq will not be absorbed into the rug straight away, minimising any permanent damage. If you’d like to learn more, we can share some info and arrange for your Microseal treatment to happen in the comfort of your home. 

Bring in the beach

Sand won't ingrain itself in Jute fibres, meaning its perfect for beach feet. At the end of a busy holiday give your rug a shake outside, the sand will easily find its way out. Along with a quick vacuum, your rug will be ready for the next big summer get away. 

Live to tell the tale 

Our beach houses hold memories, they can, more so, than our everyday homes, tell us a story of our past. They become a kind of time capsule, a place we leave a mark at the end and beginning of every year, a place to count our milestones. The classic kiwi summer is laid back and free, we don’t want an item that is too precious, but we do want our beach house to still be beautiful and most of all comfortable. Our Jute Rugs will last you through the summers, becoming a dear part of the interior which will hold stories to remember in the future. 


We all know a long swim, floating in the ocean, the salty air, toes in the sand and the sound of crashing waves is therapeutic and good for the soul. We connect with nature In a way that recharges us and is vital for our well being. At Nodi we are passionate about natural fibres and how they have the ability to connect us on a much deeper level with our interiors. Our Jute rugs are made from 100% natural jute that is sustainably grown in Western Bengal. 

Our favourite Nodi Rugs for coastal living 

Looped Jute Sea Foam -  Braided Jute Natural  - Looped Jute Natural. All great durable weaves for a holiday by the sea. Explore more of our Jute Rugs here