What is Microseal? 

Microseal is a treatment that is sprayed onto the surface of the rug which seals the fibers. It forms a protective coat and acts as a barrier.  

Why Microseal your rug? 

If your rug is Microsealed and something was spilt, your rug will not absorb the spill which increases the chance of the stain being successfully removed.  

We all have pets, bring mud in on our shoes, have kids with sticky fingers or have knocked over our cup of hot tea. We want your Nodi rug to be enjoyed as a part of a busy family home for years to come and this is why we recommend Microseal.  

Without Microseal even the smallest granules of dirt can get caught in the fibers, building up over time without being realized. This dulls the rug and then makes it hard to clean as the dirt is then embedded in the weave.  

Micro seal also provides some UV protection, which may help reduce fading from the sun.  

In summary why Microseal your rug?  

  • Microseal seals the fibers of your rug. It forms a protective coat and acts as a barrier¬†¬†
  • Friday night and you have spilt your red wine¬†after a long busy week - If liquid is spilt a Microsealed rug will not absorb the spill increasing the chance of the stain being removed¬†
  • Dirty paws and feet - Mud doesn‚Äôt get embedded in the weave if Microsealed¬†
  • A Microsealed rug will have a longer life in general¬†
  • Microseal offers some UV protection, reducing sun fade¬†¬†
  • Easier to clean up sticky spots from exploring little fingers¬†¬†¬†

To learn more about Microseal clink link here