In the studio with Juliet Souter of Marle

In the studio with Juliet Souter of Marle

This week we visit the studio of the incredibly talented Juliet Souter, founder and creative director of New Zealand fashion label, Marle. 

Committed to creating sustainable and ethical garments, Marle's timeless pieces celebrate the texture and tone of natural fabrics and fibres. This commitment is woven throughout Marle's workspace. From natural jute to layers of soft linen, the space is calm, considered and tactile — an extension of Juliet and her thoughtful process. Juliet reminds us of the magic that is created when developing a space slowly, gathering and adding layers, letting each natural texture have its own conversation and hold the space.  


We love your minimalist aesthetic and dedication to using natural fabrics. What made you opt for using natural vs synthetic fibres?

Thank you for your kind words. The use of natural fibres and fabrics has become the cornerstone of Marle not only due to how they feel when worn, the level of texture you can achieve by their use but also the health benefits and lower impact they have on our precious environment.


Your beautiful collections are inherently calm and grounded. How does this translate into your workspace?

All of our pieces carry a simple design and silhouette with subtle details bought to life through the texture the fibres and fabrics conjure. I carry this through to our workspace by again, the use of texture in natural forms. We adore our Nodi Pony Braid rug in the space, it grounds everything so nicely and offers the space warmth, it also defines our showroom perfectly. We also ensure we bring nature in - we have lovely trees that thrive in the natural light filled space. Our soft ivory walls, concrete floors, linen furnishings, jute and timber bring the space together and is the perfect canvas for our collections to sit in.


Featured - Pony Braid - Natural at home in the Marle showroom. 


You recently refreshed the Marle studio — it looks like an incredibly calming space to work in. Any advice for those wanting to re-energize a space of their own?

We’ve had the opportunity to start from scratch with the studio as it was a blank canvas when we moved in in December. We’re still working on it but I think the best advice is to be in the space before making big decisions on furniture or positioning, we’ve moved the space around a lot since moving in and are finally feeling happy with how everything is placed. We have an essential oil vaporiser going at all times with a warm, earthy and citrus scent which is lovely and uplifting. 



The Marle studio is based in the beautiful, beachside town of Mount Maunganui. What does unwinding from the week look like for you?

The beauty of living in a seaside town is that it is inherently relaxing, unwinding comes fairly easily here with the beach being so close by. We spend the weekends catching up with our family and friends. Mornings are spent lounging around the house and then walks along the beach. 


Thank you Juliet for taking the time to connect. We admire all that you have created. 




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Featured - Pony Braid - Natural at home in the Marle showroom.

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