Our homes - Reinvigorated

Our homes - Reinvigorated


As we head back to school and our places of work, we claim back our lounge space as once again a place of rest and connection. This week we explore simple touches to refresh our lounge space, with an air of reinvigoration post lockdown.


Flowers ~ Support Local 

Support local and add a touch of nature. It is proven that spending just 10 minutes in nature helps to reduce our heart rate and make us feel calmer. A touch of natural life instantly elevates the lounge space and our mood. 

Natural textures ~ A place of engagement 

Not only are they better for our health, we intuitively connect with natural fibres. They’re grown and gifted by Mother Nature ~ why not bring them into the home to stimulate positive wellbeing.

Have a shuffle around ~ A new favourite spot

When we find ourselves in a worldwide pandemic, it causes us to reflect and re-evaluate our daily lives. Having the world stop and stay indoors for an extended period, its been the perfect time for a shuffle around.  Create a new favourite spot you can rest and relax in, a new place to practice the yoga you want to carry on post lockdown, or a place to enjoy your morning cup of coffee. Create your space in a way which allows you to carry out your daily rituals and routines in ease. 

Frame your space ~ cosy and warm

Bring your living room together by properly framing your space. Rugs aren’t designed to frame a coffee table, but rather frame a room and this happens by introducing the rich size where the furniture can fully sit on the rug. The right size rug has the ability to truly transform a space.

Most favoured size for standard to larger living spaces?

We find our 3 x 4m is the strongest size to frame your living area and ground living room furniture. This size gives you flexibility for your furniture to either sit on top of the rug or half on, half off. Leaving you plenty of room to rest, connect and play with loved ones.



For any help in refreshing your lounge space, you can speak to our interiors team at hello@nodirugs.com