Introducing GoodWeave®

Introducing GoodWeave®

GoodWeave® is an award-winning charity, passionate about abolishing child, forced and bonded labour, making it their priority to see the end of this in the handmade rug industry.

GoodWeave® International was founded in 1994 by Kailash Satyarthi, a Nobel peace prize winner and children’s right activist. What started in India is now a global organization. GoodWeave®’s vision, is for there to be a day where no child is made to go to work instead of attending school. GoodWeave® wants every child to have the right to their childhood, freedom and access to education.‘Our holistic approach aims to heal and educate those children who have been exploited, while changing the underlying root causes.’ 

We are proud to share that we are a certified GoodWeave® business. Our rugs are made in a factory where our weavers are looked after, and where there is zero tolerance for child or forced labour. We are also proud to have on the back of each of our rugs the GoodWeave® label. GoodWeave® provide a certification programme, this allows the company’s that pass inspection and fit criteria to attach a logo to their product, certifying that no there was no child, forced or bonded labour in the making of the rugs, look out for these on the back of your Nodi Rug.

GoodWeave® not only work with children to make sure they are given access to education, they have also been working with suppliers to improve working conditions for all workers no matter what age. Making sure all workers are given fair pay and monitoring work hours. GoodWeave® undertake frequent and surprise inspections of all facilities to make sure they are meeting GoodWeave®standards. GoodWeave® Is filled with stories of hope. There have been 3,936 children directly freed from exploitation. 23,996 children have been enrolled in schools. 59,152 workers covered under the good weave system.

Founder of Nodi, Olivia Smith left her job and packed up her life to move to India and discover/learn all she could about textiles, the handmade process involved with making rugs and connect with our treasured artisans. Olivia has spent hours with our weavers at their looms, on jute fields with Jute farmers and established strong connections with those important at the core of what we do from seed to finished rug. All of these elements are at the heart of the company and impact the finished rug that sits in your home.

Wool yarn being hand spun, prepared for the loom before weaving.

 Key points to know:

    Our rugs are GoodWeave® certified, which ensures that your rug was not made by children. The certification also helps ensure no forced or bonded labour was used.

    The GoodWeave® label displays a unique number, which can be traced back to the producer.

    The GoodWeave® label means that a percentage of the rug’s price is used to educate children in the weaving communities of South Asia.

    GoodWeave® is the only independent, third-party rug certification program that rescues children from looms. They conduct frequent, surprise inspections of all facilities.

    GoodWeave® has been doing this work for more than 20 years and are globally recognized. Their founder is a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. 

    GoodWeave® has rescued nearly more than 3,800 children who were trapped in labour and has prevented thousands more from carpet work.

    The GoodWeave® label ensures the highest quality and craftsmanship of skilled adult artisans. 

    GoodWeave® provides rescued children with rehabilitation, education and vocational training. They also help return them home, if possible.

•    We have partnered with GoodWeave® because we are committed to the highest standards of integrity in the industry.

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Photographs captured by Madhumita Nandi in 2017 on a trip Founder Olivia Smith went on to explore all there was to know about our jute.