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In the office with Nodi

June 11, 2021

Nodi Founder Olivia Moon was recently featured on an Organised Life where she shared how Nodi began, how she stays organised, her support network as a business owner and mother, plus lots more.

First things first, how did it all begin & what was that light bulb moment when you decided to start Nodi Rugs?

I started studying at Massey in Wellington and left after 18 months to live in Milan to be an Aupair and explore Europe. After doing this for a year I decided to study again and enrolled at IED (Institute of European Design) studying textiles and Fashion design in Milan.

I have always been drawn to tactile things - things that felt unique and interesting to the touch. For me, I often found fabrics were too flat and always found myself drawn to rugs for their textural weave. Ironically I failed weaving at university - it takes a very meticulous, patient person to be a good weaver - let's say I'm better with the big picture. It was through this (failed) experience that gave me a great appreciation for weaving by hand and just how much love and works goes into it.

Then I spent six months living in India where I spent time in factories learning, observing and marvelling at the craftsmanship of our weavers to set up the business. I had a strong conviction that it was not rugs that I was going to make, but handmade, natural rugs that I would create. My admiration for the hand craft gets deeper the more rugs we make. Your jaw would drop if you saw the amount of work that goes into this craft.

When I think back - I was given a rug by my first boss as a Christmas gift, and then another from my parents when I moved into my first flat, I had been subconsciously collecting rugs for a while before I started Nodi.

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Images by Holly Burgess.