Simple tips for finding the perfect rug with Nodi Founder, Olivia Moon

Simple tips for finding the perfect rug with Nodi Founder, Olivia Moon


Large-scale homewares have a big impact on our homes. There’s a special art to making these pieces feel like they’ve always belonged, calmly blending into both your home and lifestyle.

Having recently moved home, Nodi founder Olivia Moon lets us in on her key suggestions for simplifying the process of selecting the right rug, cleverly combining existing with new, and selecting pieces that easily transition between spaces.


'Keep it simple, timeless and neutral - I don’t believe a rug should dominate a room, it should feel as if it's always belonged, hence a very grounded and neutral palette throughout our range.'


1. Style 

"Firstly I consider the context and existing elements in the room. How one lives is a key factor in selecting a rug suitable. Kids, how old and at what stage, pets, direct sunlight. . .
We have a very busy household, so when I was choosing rugs for home I was opting for hard wearing, low maintenance fibres in colours that hide the muck of everyday life. I dream of having light coloured bamboo silk rugs at home - but a messy dog and baby don’t allow for this right now!"


Pony Braid Rug in Natural Jute, under the dining table. Easy to care for, durable and low maintenance. The flat woven style of the Pony Braid means chairs can move in and out with ease.


2. Colour

"After considering lifestyle and how our family live, I then look at the existing elements such as floor colour, sofa, drapes etc and try and go for something that sits seamlessly with these."


Noughts Weave in Marle Grey, creating a soft calm environment to settle into and relax. The texture holds the conversation whilst the rug sits naturally at home.


3. Size

Size - bigger is always better! 
"When I was selecting rugs for home I was looking to really frame the spaces and create “zones” as some of the rooms are quite big, this was easier to do with rugs that properly fit the room. The rugs aren’t designed to frame a coffee table, but rather frame a room and this happens by introducing the rich size where the furniture can fully sit on the rug."


"Always go bigger than you think, a rug shouldn't feel lost under a coffee table. You want room to get down on the rug, enjoy and connect. The right size rug has the ability to truly transform a space"




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