Hello From Home with Tom Hishon

April 21, 2020

The creative Tom Hishon of Orphans Kitchen and Daily Bread, lets us into his innovative kitchen at home. . . we only wish we could come over for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

What are you cooking on repeat?

I make a lot of pressed sandwiches. I think it's an old tape from idle time in school holidays. The filling is never the same but the technique  is - butter the sliced sourdough on the outside and press it into submission between two cast iron skillets until the exterior is dark, golden and crusted. Inside is usually off cuts of old ripe cheese, something fermented, maybe onion, either a fruit chutney or orphans marmite. Once cooked, I serve with gherkins, kraut and mustard. We've also been eating a lot of cookies, too many actually. Instead of baking the whole lot at once my wife and I bake 4 to 6 each night after dinner and eat them while they're warm. 

Where do you turn for inspiration when you need it?

For many boredom is an inspiring phenomenon right now. Look at all these people at home baking banana bread and having a go at making sourdough bread. At the moment, our friends and family are inspiring me to cook at home. 

What should we be reading/watching? 

We've been enjoying re-reading old cook books. Sophie loves Babel by Maranda Engelbrecht, and I’ve flicked back through Tartine Book No 3.

Thank you for your time Tom. We look forward to when we can dine and be nourished by yourself and your amazing team at Orphans Kitchen once again.