Hello From Home - The Women of Nodi

Hello From Home - The Women of Nodi

We are starting our new series 'Hello From Home' with the Women of Nodi. 

Our Nodi Women share how they are redefining their daily rituals and routines. With a focus on family, coming together and staying well - body and mind, during a challenging season. 


Emma - Business Development Manager  

The Richardson's have been going to bed later and getting up later...! We are still trying to work out our daily schedule versus not having a schedule at all. The highlight so far for me would be the ritual my daughter Bea and I have fallen into, which is a daily routine of night walks with torches - dropping hand written letters to her friends' mail boxes en route. When I look at her on the walk she seems so excited to be out very late, just her and I, with only the odd car and person. It reminds us of the scene in the BFG with him walking the streets catching dreams through the windows. I know she will remember this time for ever!




Kelly - Operations Manager 

Our day is starting and ending a little later....instead of 6.30am start its shifted to 8am so a nice sleep in, and we are all up until much later. It's such a strange mix of a working day, school day and navigating all of us trying to work in the same shared space and get some semblance of structure in the day, especially for the kids. There is a lot of shifting in and out of spaces while calls happen, school work, video meetings - this is the first time I have been grateful we live across 3 levels! We are all having to learn what patience is. On the upside we are normally 5 moving parts that come back together in the evening at dinner time, now we are coming together multiple times throughout the day with a large shared lunch at the dining table. Life at the moment feels so much more connected and slower. Ups and downs but I like it for now!


Olivia - Nodi Founder 

Every morning I get up, go downstairs eyes half open, get Billie a bottle then go into her room and pick her up - she's usually singing. I then bring her into bed with us and lie there tucked under the blankets while she has her bottle... Then at the moment we have been watching Sesame Street songs before we get up, she's really into the Cookie Monster! I'm really cherishing these small moments and being totally present to them rather than feeling pressure of having to be up and out of the house in a rush like I normally am in the morning. In between work today when I was with Billie, we just sat outside on the front porch and watched the birds in the trees and sun making shadows. The little simple things are helping me feel grounded at the moment. I have also been cooking A LOT! Something so nurturing about creating nourishing meals to share.



Liv - Trade Account Manager 

We are still up early as with Jasper our very LOUD rooster (13 month old) crows around 6am but breakfast now is a much longer, more relaxed process. We have been doing daily yoga sessions in the morning in the sun on the deck which Teddy our 4 year old is loving. I’m so grateful for our large yard - we mix up the day with activities out the back on the tramp or playing soccer / doing relays or hitting the front yard for ‘shop time’ and leaf hunting. My partner and I are having to work in shifts to get anything done work wise but it’s ok and sometimes it’s just easier to not even attempt it till the evenings when it’s nice and quiet. We have been facetiming Nan Jan ( my Mum) numerous times a day and checking in with little cuzzy Lola too. I have to say, dinner, bath and bed admin hours are far more pleasant. Kids eating so well now we are cooking early and sitting together. We did the bear hunt around our hood today. Teddy came home and put bears in EVERY window and then sat on the window sill waiting for people to walk past.  


Jo - Account Manager

We sleep in and play on the bed until one of the kids gets grumpy then head into the kitchen to make pancakes. We spend most of the day walking on the farm, picking peaches, Feijoas and Blackberries or talking to the animals. Story time, Oma and Opa are missing their grandchildren. At 6:30pm all the grand kids in the family jump on a Zoom video to hear Oma and Opa read stores to them. Its their favourite time of day. Nik and I enjoy a movie and a cup of tea together when the kids are in bed. 



Libby - Sales Coordinator

 For me setting the alarm clock, getting up and getting ready for the day as if I'm going to work helps me feel my best, a girl of routine! When cleaning my wardrobe a pile of books fell on my head. In doing so I found an old present from my mum ‘The Enchanted Forest’ colouring book by Johanna Bastford. I had tried to colour a page when I first was gifted the book, but felt frustrated, like I was wasting time and needed to get things done! I opened the book again last week and started colouring, letting myself know I have time and I don’t have to always be ‘productive’ in these four weeks. Colouring is meant to welcome a calm and zen state of mind and I need to be a little kinder to myself in this season. I love facetiming my Mum in Sherbourne, England and sharing my coloured pages with her. Walks with Jordan my partner have been long and the BEST! We never have a plan and just keep walking in different directions from home to see where we end.



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