Bringing home that holiday mood

Bringing home that holiday mood


The smell of the salty sea, the view of the golden sand dunes, perhaps a sizzling barbecue too... Coastal style is a mood, one to evoke all the senses. With many of us now back at work, we're bringing home a little of that holiday mood, embracing the ease and simplicity of living by the coast. 



Embrace that barefoot feeling with textural elements underfoot

The beach house doesn't feel 'beachy' because of the fish and boating motifs, it's all about texture. We're drawn to blurring the boundaries of inside and out, replicating the textures of the coast indoors. From driftwood, to white batten walls and shell collections, a modern yet relaxed space lets natural texture be what is celebrated. 

We love digging our toes into the natural texture of jute when we're not in the sand. 





Bring the calmness of ocean blue inside

Merging the boundaries of inside and out, the sky and the ocean, blue in our interiors is considered beneficial to the mind and body. Blue, brings on feelings of serenity, tranquillity and calmness, helping us feel refreshed as we head back to the city. 

Maybe you have a space that you want to feel more cosy and you would prefer wool over jute? For a contemporary take on the blue and white theme we invited in our Noughts Weave in Charcoal. Without the overuse of stripes or nautical theme decor we let the calming nature of the Noughts Weave hold the space for a fresh play on modern beach style. 





Read and retreat without technology

There's something so uniquely peaceful about a holiday home. For some of us it’s often the only time where we pick up a book and switch off our phones. On a day where we can’t get outside we found ourselves gathering on a Nodi Rug offers a feeling of connectedness to nature.

The jute used to make our rugs is combed by hand removing any rough parts of the fibre which can cause a rug to be uncomfortable or itchy. Incredibly soft, our jute rugs are the perfect place to lie down and read a book, play cards or connect with the little ones.