At Home With — The Rai Family

Designer and mother Sherie Rai makes exquisitely tailored shirts under her maiden name Sherie Muijs. Her attention to detail and form extends into her home which she shares with her husband Jiwan and their three boys Nischal, Nico and Asher. Comfort and practicality are qualities that, echoed from her design ethos, are requirements in her family's day-to-day life. Home is a space to land, play and unravel time together. We visit the Rai family on a Sunday afternoon while they play piano and practice headstand - just the usual weekend activities! 

What was the motivation for you to start looking to purchase a rug? What was it that you were trying to solve for your living space?

Our existing rug at the time was an antique rug we brought back from India when traveling through there with family. It was already quite fragile to begin with, so with a few years of wear, it felt time to look for an alternative. Our living room is small, so by choosing a larger rug which encompasses the living area, we were able to maximise on the space. The room felt instantly bigger with a larger rug, than it did with the smaller piece we had in our home prior. 

What were some of the qualities or requirements that you had for your rug?

With three small children, we were in need of a soft landing, someplace to accommodate our youngest who was crawling at the time, and to encourage play for the boys. It needed to be easy to vacuum, and in a tone that might hide the crumbs (in between cleans)

Why were you drawn to Nodi?

Quality and craftsmanship are important to us, and wherever possible, choose to surround ourselves with objects and products which embody these two things. Nodi rugs tick those boxes, and more! The range is so incredibly beautiful and lush, it was quite difficult to choose.

What has your nodi rug solved for you and your home space? and how are you enjoying it each day?

It has made our home more comfortable and inviting. And when we’re a chair short, I never hesitate to sit on the floor!

The Rai family own a large Twisted Wool in Grey Marle