At home with Beck Wadworth - An Organised Life

At home with Beck Wadworth - An Organised Life

Managing a busy schedule as Founder and Director of An Organised Life, Beck Wadworth enjoys rare moments of downtime at her Auckland home, a space where she both lives and works. Seeking a natural place of connection, we helped Beck choose the perfect rug to transform her living room. 

Do you have any rituals inside your home that set up or finish your day off?

I always start my day with a coffee, either in bed or on the deck in the sun. As soon as I finish my coffee I go through my to-do list and prioritise my workload. I love to end my day with a calming tea on the couch with a book or my favourite playlist.

What were you looking for when choosing a rug for you home?

My home is my little sanctuary, a place I can relax and feel comfortable. When choosing a rug to finish off the living room I had style and function in mind. I wanted it to feel soft underfoot and welcoming, but I also wanted the rug to add warmth and texture without dominating the space. The Pebble Weave Rug in Husk ticked all the boxes for me. It feels like a cloud!

What do you do to disconnect from the day when you get home?

I always go for a sunset walk to switch off from work and step into personal life. Once I get home I enjoy taking my time cooking dinner - I find it therapeutic.

Most treasured object in your home?

Some paintings by my Aunty.

Favourite room in your home and why?

I love the open plan lounge and dining room. I'm the ultimate minimalist, but these rooms, but these rooms have warmth through textures that create a welcoming space to both relax and entertain.