At Home with Nodi Founder Olivia Smith

At Home with Nodi Founder Olivia Smith

This week Nodi Founder Olivia Smith welcomed us into her Waiheke home. We were inspired to share the textures of this home and how Olivia and her family are living this summer. 

From first glance Olivia's home is thoughtful and considered. Her love of texture is prevalent, a collection of natural linens, crisp cottons and carefully placed pattern greet you in each room.

Candles are lit in various corners of the home, emitting a subtle but deliciously spicy scent. A large jug of chilled sparkling water with lemon and mint is on offer. We are instantly refreshed and relaxed on this hot summers day. We make our way to the living room and feel the incredibly soft Looped Jute Rug under foot. Surprising to many this rug is incredibly plush, yet as Olivia mentions below a low maintenance option for a busy home. What stands out the most is the Looped Jute rug as an anchor, the heart of their home, where the family gather to rest, connect, play and live.

Summer Entertaining

What does summer entertaining mean to you? 

Simplicity, Communication and Connection

How are you entertaining this summer? 

Preparing meals using lots of fresh produce from the veggie garden, cooking from Ottolenghi’s new book ‘Simple’, serving chilled rose and doing it all outside!

What does a day on Waiheke look like for you and your family?

A late start, a cold pressed juice using produce from the garden, followed by a strong coffee, dancing between the sea and sun lounger, usually a simple lunch together, an afternoon nap and repeat! We all appreciate the simplicity and slower pace of the warm summer days.


Creating a Home

What are your favourite textures for summer?

Light crisp linens and cottons.

You have recently moved in – how did you gather your favourite pieces to make a home on Waiheke?

Slowly, with a considered approach when selecting pieces. It was nice starting with a blank canvas and taking time to slowly build layers.

What are the treasured items we would find in your home?

A bedside light my partner and I found in Uruguay, some special pieces of art, water glasses we also carried back from Uruguay (very practical) and stacks of books.


Featured styles: Braided Jute, Natural Rug, 2 x 3m in Olivias master bedroom and Nero Cotton Bath Mat in the bathroom.


Natural Jute

Olivia has chosen the Looped Jute, Natural Rug in 3 x 4m for the living room, and the Braided Jute, Natural Rug 2 x 3m for the master bedroom.

What made you choose these rugs for these spaces?

Being a busy home with lots of bodies and being right on the beach these two rugs are low maintenance and hide a multitude of sins.

How do the rugs interweave into your day to day life?

They frame and define areas within our home which is all open plan. The rugs connect us – you’ll often find one of the children perched on the rug with a border collie flopped next to them.

Featured in Olivia's living room is the Looped Jute, Natural Rug in 3 x 4m.


Thank you Olivia for inviting us into your loving family home and inspiring us with your use of texture.