Nodi Q & A. The 10 most commonly asked questions.

Nodi Q & A. The 10 most commonly asked questions.

Do pets and rugs mix? Will I need underlay? Just what exactly does Nodi, mean?

From where it all begun to furry friends, best sellers and everything in between, we answer the 10 most commonly asked questions.


1. It’s so soft, is it really Jute? 

Our jute is combed, repeatedly, until our artisans are left with 'silk' like golden threads. Combing the jute removes any rough parts of the plant which causes itchiness and irritation. Take off your shoes and experience the softness under foot. 




2. What special care does wool need?

Wool is an incredible natural fibre with amazing properties. The thin waxy coating of the wool contains fatty acids that inhabit the growth of mould, mildew and bacteria. It traps odour and also helps to repel liquids meaning it is easier to remove stains. As our rugs are 100% wool you can often treat your rug as you would a woollen jumper. A small amount of a gentle wool wash will help with minor spills. However, if your home is full of little feet and paws we recommend Microseal treatment. This is a non toxic treatment which is sprayed onto the rug, sealing the fibres. Giving you extra protection and life long insurance on heavy duty stains. Microseal 





3. What does ‘Nodi’ mean? 

Nodi is the Italian word for ‘knot’. Our founder, Olivia Moon studied Textile design at the international institute of Design in Milan. It was here that Olivia began making cotton necklaces which led to a fascination of the handmade and the imperfect beauty that comes with the creation of a simple knot. From here it led Olivia to Sydney, then on to India where she lived for some time, learning the technicalities of weaving from our treasured artisans. Read more of Olivia’s story here: A moment with Nodi Founder, Olivia Moon.


4. We love your rugs, and would love an outdoor rug by Nodi?

We explored outdoor rugs as an extension to our offering but unfortunately it was not possible to create a rug that stood up to the elements without including some sort of synthetic fibre. Natural fibers are deeply important to us, not just for our planet but how we interact with our rug every day. A natural connection offers a deeper connection and is safe for our loved ones. 


5. How do I know the person making my rug is being treated fairly?

All our rugs are GoodWeave®  certified. GoodWeave are an incredible award-winning charity, passionate about abolishing child, forced and bonded labour, making it their priority to see the end of this in the handmade rug industry. 

Quick GoodWeave® facts

•    The GoodWeave® label displays a unique number, which can be traced back to the producer.

•    GoodWeave® is the only independent, third-party rug certification program that rescues children from looms. They conduct frequent, surprise inspections of all facilities.

•    GoodWeave® has been doing this work for more than 20 years and are globally recognized. Their founder is a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. 

•    The GoodWeave® label ensures the highest quality and craftsmanship of skilled adult artisans. 

•    We have partnered with GoodWeave® because we are committed to the highest standards of integrity in the industry.


Nodi Founder Olivia Moon with our magic artisans  


6. I have a puppy, what is the best option?

Every dog is different, but we all know puppies notoriously can be very naughty. In general if your pet is one to get its claws out for a wee scratch, or maybe you have a dog that likes to dig. . . we recommend opting for a flat woven rug. Our best recommendations for pets that like to play are Braided Jute, Hand Knotted Jute and Mini Loop. These styles have incredibly tight weaves that are hard for pets to really 'get into'. It’s worth getting in touch with the team for advice or you can explore our pet friendly recommendations here: Pet Friendly Rugs


 Gizmo on our Looped Jute Natural Rug


7. Will my woollen rug shed? 

Yes, your woollen rug will shed for the first couple of months. This is completely normal and is the nature of the fibre. Vacuum your rug once or twice a week in the first few months, it will then settle. 


8. I’m too scared to purchase a rug as I always seem to get the size wrong?

Let us help you! Size is often the most overwhelming step in your rug buying journey. It can be really hard to visualise. Our number one tip is, always go bigger then you think! Rugs aren’t meant to get lost under a coffee table, they are meant to frame the room, with space allowed to get down on the rug and enjoy its texture, room to play with kids and connect with loved ones.

We recommend using masking tape as you can tape out the optimum size, allowing you to step back and see your room transformed. Start with the furniture all on the rug and go from there.

It’s easy enough to make adjustments picking the tape up and moving it until you have it just right. 

For further inspiration reference our size guides. Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Dining Rooms 


9. What is underlay and will I need it?

Underlay is a thin foam mat that is slightly sticky on each side. It arrives in the size you need, and holds to the floor without causing any permanent damage. It helps to keep your rug in place, meaning no moving and corners will stay down so that you don’t trip. For flat woven wool rugs it can offer another layer of softness and help with insulation in the winter for more warmth. 


Our flat woven wool, Tasseled Wool in Dove. Underlay adds another layer to this rug, keeping it flat and plush underfoot. 

10. Do you have anywhere we can view Nodi Rugs?

Yes absolutely, we have a showroom! 1 Faraday Street, Parnell Auckland. We would love to see you. We are open Monday – Saturday. Let us brew you a cup of tea and take you through our range. We also have our amazing Nodi stockists. If none of these work for you, get in touch and we will send you out a sample pack so that you can experience Nodi in the comfort of your own home. Contact us via: