I managed to escape to the beach to work on next years collections this week – we’re drawing on inspiration from my travels to one of my favourite spots in Italy – Puglia. Reminiscing over numerous summers spent in the warm italian country side, red earth lined with olive trees + tomatoes, antique tiles + simplicity.





Creating beautiful corners with our faves from this years collections teamed with sprightly bay branches.


Which size rug should I put in my home?

Choosing the right size rug can be a surprisingly tricky task, often people buy rugs that are too small, which causes everything in the room to be unbalanced and visually shrinks the space.

A few starter points to consider when purchasing a rug for your home –

  • Consider the whole area when measuring. Are you creating a feature of filling a seating area? Measure the whole seating area if it’s for a lounge and work backwards from there. A rug should fit the size of the seating area ( ideally with the legs on the rug, but just the front legs of the sofa is a good compromise if required). Choose whether you want the legs of the chairs and sofa on or off the rug and be consistent.


  • Orientate the rug to the room – if the room is long, go with this direction and have the rug going with the length of the room. Going against the orientation of the room can cut of portions of a room and divide it in the wrong places.


  • LAYERING! If you have an old, small feature rug that you love but it is too small for the room – get a larger, plain rug to put under it and layer them.


  • Buy once and buy well – good quality, handmade rugs are an investment and the size is often skimped on. A good quality, well made rug has a life span of 10-15 years so buying once and buying well is a good motto to keep in mind when purchasing.


Which size rug should I put in my home? Which size rug should I put in my home?

Monday morning tones

Monday morning tones


This weekend I spent sometime going through photo’s from life in Italy, it was a scary sight when I saw that the images dated back to 2009! My mood was familiar, nostalgic and filled with a huge smile reflecting on all that happened in Italy during the three years I lived there. So many new adventures and intense growth during very malleable years. It will always be a very significant and special place for me and for Nodi – it is where it all began after all. It is a strange thought to think just how much some seemingly unconscious decisions can effect ones path in life. I never intended on starting Nodi when I moved to Milan, but at the same time I’m sure Nodi wouldn’t exist if I hadn’t moved there. Heres a small collection of images.



Italia Italia Italia Italia Italia Italia


For those that have been following Nodi as we have evolved over the last 18 months it will come as no shock that we are slightly obsessed with natural light – we even created a whole collection based around natural light and shadows! With winter feeling like it is slowly passing and spring on it’s way we have been admiring the change in light and shadows. Here’s a snippet of what we’ve been capturing lately.

Luce Luce Luce Luce

Our week in pictures.

Our week in pictures. Our week in pictures. Our week in pictures.

Natural beauty

A moment Olivia captured on the coast in Kaikoura, NZ. This image needs no caption.

Natural beauty

Heading South

We’re heading down to the South Island this week to visit our treasured retailers there + perhaps find some new homes for the rugs. Last year we visited Christchurch & below, this time we’re heading to Christchurch & above. Heres a few a few memories from our last trip South.


Heading South Heading South Heading South

McCahon House

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 4.42.03 pm


Last Saturday I spent the afternoon at McCahon House, situated in the bush in Titirangi. Being just a 25 minute from Auckland, it is unexpected and surprising how different it feels out there being so close to the city.


The McCahon House is pretty special spot, I was a good to be reminded of how lucky we are to have access to the insights of such a talented artists life at our doorstep.


Nestled in the dark bush amongst Kauri trees, the house is intimate, private and welcoming all at the same. We were welcomed by a woman who had vast knowledge on Colin’s life and lacked no passion for the artist.


After being taken on a quick tour of the house we were left to explore the mysterious artists life for ourselves. There a little boxes throughout the house which start speaking to you when you open them and share all sorts of details about his life, relationships, thoughts on religion, career as a once struggling artist, travel, art, fame and references to his social life.


The thing that stood out most for me on a personal level was how much ones surroundings are an influence when creating. Colin’s work heavily references the Kauri tree, French Bay and Auckland landscapes.


Living in the city and in a time where everything is overexposed and being connected 200% of the time, I battle with feelings of being drained of creativity and inspiration. Living life right in the thick of central Auckland has it’s perks, but the heart sure does beat faster. It was refreshing and uplifting to experience a change in pace and escape the rush of the city and find some peace and tranquility for an afternoon.


Leaving the city for just an afternoon filled up the tank again and reminded me how important it is to open books in an age where everything is online, escape the daily chaos of the city and to get back to basics.


If you have the opportunity to visit the McCahon house I would strongly recommend it. I am posting just one image of it as to not spoil it for those for want to visit.



McCahon House

Local blooms

Local blooms

Organic lines with Alana Broadhead from Fancy Design Blog

We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to play in the sand dunes in Mt Maunganui with our Organic Lines range and have them photographed by Alana from Fancy Design Blog. She has captured the natural, organic light perfectly – and the rugs are in their most relaxed state being back on the beach in the light where the collection was born.

Head over to her blog for the full story.

Organic lines with Alana Broadhead from Fancy Design Blog Organic lines with Alana Broadhead from Fancy Design Blog